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¿Cómo usar un reloj de seguimiento inteligente?
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¿Cómo usar un reloj de seguimiento inteligente?

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Many people know that the smart tracking watch receives GPS signals from space through the tracker host, analyzes the GPS signals and calculates their geodetic coordinates, and then reports their position through wireless networks such as GSM/CDMA to report their position to the monitoring center. equipment. So how to use a smart tracking watch? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • First, the smart tracking watch needs to be prepared to locate the location

  • Smart tracking watch use process

First, the smart tracking watch needs to be prepared to locate the location

1. First, you need to have a smart tracking watch hardware device.

2. Secondly, you need an IoT card, because the smart tracking watch obtains location information through GPRS in the IoT card, so this IoT card is essential.

3. You need to install software because after the smart tracking watch obtains the location, the data needs to be converted in the background through the software and then displayed in the software in the form of a map, allowing you to see the status detected by the smart tracking watch at a glance.

Smart tracking watch use process

1. Log in to the platform.

2. Choose a good brand, usually have its platform, and then log in to the platform address.

3. Use the map to view the location.

The map has multiple modes: electronic map, satellite image map, topographic map, etc., which can be switched at will.

4. Mouse click operation—tracking, zooming in, replaying, closing.

Easily click with the mouse to locate the target instantly. When the positioning result is displayed on an electronic map, a variety of electronic map operations can be performed.

Zoom in and zoom out: On the electronic map, you can zoom in, zoom out, display the full map, and map the middle function.

Navigation function: It can display the smart tracking watch motion trajectory of the target, calculate the running speed and direction of the target, and realize the fuzzy query of the place name.

Target tracking: You can select multiple targets for real-time tracking, and view the real-time position, speed, and direction of the target.

Track playback: historical record playback can let you all the health information (drag the small dot to view each record point).

5. View the smart tracking watch history.

6. Real-time monitoring of the smart tracking watch facilitates you to understand the latest trends in your health.

Megastek Technologies Ltd was established in 2002 and has been committed to the application of GPS positioning systems in the personal and vehicle fields, and to provide customers with positioning solutions. More than 20 different product items cover personal trackers, vehicle trackers, pets Trackers, parole trackers, and telemedicine health monitoring. With years of in-depth research and development work and project implementation, we are at the leading level in GPS, mobile communications, GIS, and network technologies. We are also proud to meet the OEM and ODM design requirements of related industries. Our customers are widely distributed all over the world, working with private individuals and governments. The above is about how to use the smart tracking watch. If you are interested in the smart tracking watch, you can contact us. Our website is

Con muchos años de profundos trabajos de I+D e implementación de proyectos, estamos en el nivel líder en tecnologías de redes, GPS, telecomunicaciones móviles y SIG.



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