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¿Cuánto error es normal para un rastreador personal?
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¿Cuánto error es normal para un rastreador personal?

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As anyone who has used a personal tracker knows, there are many reasons why the actual geographic location of the GPS may not be the same as the one shown on the GPS map. Some are one or two hundred meters, some or more. I want to inform everyone that: GPS locator geographic location errors, as long as it is not particularly outrageous, are considered all normal. Then someone must ask, how much is the normal error value usually within the range?

Here is the content list:

  • The error range of military and civilian use

  • Interference with the accuracy of the personal tracker cause

The error range of military and civilian use

Personal trackers are divided into civilian and military types, and military ones have particularly high requirements for accuracy, so the biggest gap between these locators is just one meter. The error value of the civilian personal tracker locator is within 10 meters under all normal conditions without interference, and the error within this range is all normal.

Interference with the accuracy of the personal tracker cause


A personal tracker is an electronic device. personal trackers operate outdoors all year round, so they will face the influence of driving environment such as weather conditions and urban environment, which will increase the error of geographic location on the map.


In addition to weather conditions, the positioning accuracy of personal trackers is also related to the area, terrain, positioning method, or time duration. For example, in underground parking lots and remote mountainous areas, the accuracy of GPS positioning will be much worse than that in urban areas.

Other reasons

In addition, there are two key points that drivers often overlook.

The first is that when parked in a geographic location for a long time (the length of time refers to a week or more than a week or more), there will be a short delay of several minutes when the map location information is repeatedly refreshed when the car is moved again.

Second, we will see in the process of using the personal tracker, the map is marked with a point-to-point spacing between each other, one of the points is the current location, another point is the reference. The spacing and orientation will be different if the reference is chosen differently, which is one of the reasons why there is an error with the expected end position.

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